My energy work is about creating new horizons. Just like in my paintings, you see a horizon line, sometimes a fast plane or body of water, always open space. Space to run around and flap your arms, or just space to look out and breathe deep. this space feels open, expansive unlimited. Freedom exists here. Energetically you can create that same sense of freedom in your body and in your life. freedom to choose how you truly want to show up and live. My energy work is a body centered way to shift you into creating the life you deeply desire. I work with the unseen world of feelings, spirit, and relationship energetics (the deeper connections and interactions between people in any kind of relationship). Clients have immediate results with money, health, relationships, and physical symptoms.
Over the phone or in a live hands-on session, we will bring your full spiritual presence into your body, clear out limiting beliefs, patterns, upgrade your thought body, and saturate you with sweet unconditional love from source.
As a body and mind intuitive, I feel into and address what's at the root of one's problems: the beliefs and layered emotions. Beliefs and feelings pretty much run the show of our lives. If you really want your money to be different, look at what you believe around money. Same with happiness and love. I can help you find where the limiting beliefs are in your body and together we can shift you into your most prosperous, powerful, loving self.

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