I started this series of landscapes as a new mother, suffering with postpartum depression. I found that an hour of painting during my daughter’s naptime did wonders for my mood. Unlike diapers, paintings stay done. At the end of the day, I could say, “Look, I did this”. It was an immediate accomplishment, and also provided a time for reconnecting with myself. The paintings gave me a focus, visually, on the walls of my living room. Gazing out on a horizon is calming. There are no vista views out my windows. I paint these landscapes to give me a sense of open space that doesn’t exist in, or around my urban home. That kind of space exists to me, in flat, rural Ohio (my homeland), or at the ocean. Expansive horizons in nature encourage a deep breath, and quieted thoughts. These paintings are intended to offer that as well, without the drive time.
My daughter is currently 7 years old, long out of diapers, and the present intention behind my paintings is to help make the world a more calm and beautiful place.